Annual COI Disclosures

Who is required to do and Annual COI?

The UNCG Policy on Conflicts of Interest and Commitment  applies to all  full-time and part-time EHRA non-faculty and EHRA faculty, including those on leave, research assignment, or in any other employment status, and requires all to complete an Annual COI Disclosure regarding their relationships with entities outside of UNCG.  

UNCG encourages and promotes entrepreneurial and community engagement efforts with private industry and the nonprofit sector as they add value to the University and the community.  

When is the Annual COI Due?

The annual COI reporting deadline is September 30th. You must complete this every year.

What happens if a conflict is found?

The presence of a conflict does not reflect on the integrity of the individual nor does it imply that a situation is unethical or impermissible. Disclosure helps us to determine those instances that may need to be managed to avoid perceptions of bias and to ensure integrity across the campus community, as well as reducing risk to the individual and the institution. 

How do I complete my Annual Disclosure?

You can complete your annual disclosures via the Cayuse Outside Interests system. Detailed instructions for completing disclosures via Cayuse can be found here. Please click on the “Outside Interests Login” to start your disclosure. Once in the module, click the first option for your annual disclosure. Keep in mind that the annual conflict of interest disclosure is separate from the financial conflict of interest disclosure that is required when submitting a proposal for external funding. 

I need to submit an External Activities for Pay request. How do I do that?

Cayuse Outside Interests module is also the mechanism for gaining approval for any External Professional Activities for Pay.  These submissions will be sent to your supervisor for approval. If you already have their approval, please attach that to your EPAP disclosure.   

The current Conflict of Interest and Commitment and External Professional Activities for Pay policies can be obtained from the University Policy Manual. If you supervise EHRA employees, please ensure that they are aware of the Annual Disclosure process.  

Can you tell me more about Cayuse?

Additional information on our Cayuse research management suite is available here 

I am SHRA, Do I need to do this?

This policy does not apply to SHRA employees; however, SHRA employees must obtain approval before engaging in any secondary employment to ensure there is no conflict of interest or commitment. The SHRA secondary employment policy and form can be found HERE. 

I still have questions. Who can I reach out to?

The Office of Research Integrity is happy to answer any questions regarding Conflicts of Interest. Questions may be directed to .  

COI primary contact

Terri L. Shelton, PhD
Interim Director, Office of Research Integrity
Phone: 336.256.0232